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Leadership Training Worth Doing

Any training initiative that does not improve the way people do business is simply not worth doing. Uninspiring facilitators, a lack of post-training support, no direction on how to apply the lessons, and an overall lack of urgency when it comes to leadership initiatives are leadership killers. From 1-day events to year-long programs, it’s important that leadership training is done right. This is why our world-class clients continue to trust us: the experts, the Meyvns.


The difference between revolutionary leadership initiatives and leadership initiatives that become check in the box type events have to do more with what happens after the event than what happens during it. Really good leadership programs have a robust post training strategy that ensures the lessons are applied back at work. Download the Post Training Best Practices article to learn more or check out how we have designed out technology to ensure an ROI is captured with each training initiative.


  • Create Automated Touch-points
  • Pair Up Accountability Buddies
  • Build A Post Training Competition
  • Move Their Elephant



Training is often too overwhelming. Figuring out what not to include in a training workshop is a type of art. With hundreds of tips for time management and entire degree’s dedicated to communication, it can be hard to decipher what should be taught and what should be omitted. When it comes to training we have learned that having a singular lesson with a singular applicable assignment is the best way to turn training insights into motion. Using catchy descriptors that align with NYT Best Selling principles is a great way to streamline training and ensure it “sticks.”


  • Take our learning modules out for a test drive to see for yourself



Let’s be honest, we tend to not remember the super boring experiences we have had throughout our life. The 400 PPT slides and unenthusiastic trainer are not the keys to inspiring a learning lesson that is taken to heart. Training that works is fun, it is engaging, it is enjoyable, it pulls you in and keeps you thinking until the very end. We would be the first to lead a campaign to Stop Boring Training because boring training is a waste of time, money and energy. 

If you are looking for ways to make your companies training more enjoyable, download some of our favorite training activities below. The download is a sample of the hundreds of activities we have built into our training programs with success.



Should the event be on-site or off-site? 1-day or 1-week? Online or classroom? Internal trainer or external trainer? Building out a really concrete training strategy is paramount to any good initiative. Sometimes you just need a sounding board who can help provide direction on what the best training solution looks like for your target training goals. 

Luckily for you we nerd out when it comes to talking about training and love to advise those looking for direction. Our consultations don’t cost anything and allow for expert advice on possible options you can consider. You can reach us via chat, email or phone. Choose the option below that works best for you.

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