Sugar & Safety


Sugar is in much of what we eat and what we drink. The effects of sugar have been proven to negatively impact our health and well-being. Sugar when consumed in large amounts derails your body from its natural balance and as a result affects your work performance. This module discusses the dangers of sugar and how it impacts your overall safety.


  1. Dangers of Sugar
  2. Sugar & Safety Connection
  3. Sugar Addiction
  4. Avoiding Sugar At Work
  5. Preventing The Sugar Crash
  6. Knowing What You Are Eating
  7. Doing Your Homework
  8. Being Extra Careful In The Morning

Reflective Questions:

  • Where do you get in trouble when it comes to sugar? When do you tend to consume sugar the most while at work?
  • Between avoiding the crash, knowing what you are eating, doing your homework and being extra careful in the morning, which practice are you most likely to adopt? What impact do you anticipate coming from this practice?
  • After going through this module, do you feel like lowering your sugar intake is a good idea? Why or why not?

Homework Assignment:

Avoid the two most sugary foods you eat on a regular basis. The assignment is focused on assessing how you feel at work by avoiding the sugary foods. You will avoid the sugary foods for a week and then assess if it made a difference on your performance or not.

Journal Entry:

Post module activity that highlights the learning from the homework assignment and helps set a course for continued learning application.