Reactive Decisions


There is a big difference between conscious and unconscious decision making. Conscious decision making is when we are actively using our brain, vs. unconscious where our brain is doing the work in the background. This module explores how we make decisions and the consequences when they tend to be reactive, versus proactive.


  1. Intro Activity To Test Brain Activity
  2. Conscious vs. Subconscious Decisions
  3. Decision Making Videos
  4. Connecting To Safety
  5. Bike Riding Example & Work
  6. Ladder of Inference Explanation
  7. Making Too Many Assumptions
  8. Stop Signing
  9. Prototyping
  10. Doing it Right

Reflective Questions:

  • How much of your daily work routine is second nature (you do it all the time without much thought)? Based on the lesson from the module, what impact can this have on your safety?
  • What do you need to start doing in order to make the subconscious conscious?
    In the module you learned about the stop sign process. When is the best time for you to leverage that tool? Why?

Homework Assignment:

Testing the ladder of inference back at work. Taking a task that is second nature and going through a process to ensure a more conscious approach to the work. Will apply the ladder of inference to three activities over a week and then reflect on the experience.

Journal Entry:

Post module activity that highlights the learning from the homework assignment and helps set a course for continued learning application.