Safety Training That Doesn’t Suck

Meyvn Safety provides safety training that keeps your workers awake, engaged, and coming back for more. You can’t afford any misses on your safety training, so trust us: the Meyvn Safety experts.


Are You Part Of The 5%?

Traditional PowerPoint driven training rears a 5% retention rate. Meaning your people will forget 95% of the safety information they learn in training. It is probably time to give your safety training a facelift. Lucky for you Meyvn knows exactly how to bring your safety training into the 21st century.


Safety Soft Skill Training

99% of safety training courses focuses on task specific procedures and the hazards that accompany them. Staying safe is not just about understanding workplace hazards, but understanding the behaviors that exist that lead to safe activities. We believe that understanding behavioral impact is the key to a safe working environment. Our safety soft skill training dives into the behavioral side of safety, teaching essential skills necessary to ensure you go home safe and healthy after every shift.

  • Online training content accessible on Meyvn's leanring app
  • Short. easy to navigate, higly impactful content
  • Built to ensure application of learning and post training support

Online Safety Meeting Modules

We have all been to a totally lame safety meeting, one that just felt like a check in the box, where people were not paying attention with one foot already out the door. Valuable toolbox meetings ensure participation, focus, shared thoughts and real dialogue, which is why we created an online tool built specifically to enhance your safety meetings. Download our product overview document or request a demo today.

  • Pre-created safety meetings that drive themselves
  • Never prepare a safety meeting again
  • Ensure participartion and engagement at your safety meetings

Safety Leadership

Safety and leadership go together like peanut butter and jelly, both are good on their own, but when combined, produce something worth enjoying. Between managing across generations, understanding safety regulations, motivating employees and ensuring the work gets completed on time and under budget, there is no wonder why so many cite leadership development as a key development opportunity. Our safety leadership programs will inspire your people and positively impact the bottom line. 

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Safety Training Activity Book

We know how to make safety training stick. In 2014 ATD (Association for Talent Development) published a book titled Safety Training That Transfers by Meyvn’s founders Ellis and Steve. Our specialty is taking dry (and boring) safety training and infusing it with activities to ensure high retention and real learning. We would love nothing more than to help take your current safety offerings and “Meyvnize” them for you.

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Positive Safety

Most safety communications are driven through fear. Losing limbs, hospital trips and fatalities make up the majority of discussions when talking about safety. Rarely are safety conversations focused around what is working. Inspiring people to work safe comes from engaging them, not by scaring them. Meyvn has been pioneering a concept called positive safety, a way to communicate and engage people around safety in the right ways.


Meyvn in the News

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